Club Penguin Star Wars?

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Club Penguin Star Wars?

Post by angeldog on Sun Aug 09, 2009 12:09 pm

I made this:

Let's have a contest!

1.Find (or make) a picture of a Club Penguin penguin!
2.Find (or make) a pic of a lightsaber!


Create a whole pic from scratch!

3.Create the pic then here's how you post it:

1.Click Post Reply
2.Click Host Image
3.Click Browse and select your pic
4.Make sure it's on 800 px width (for forums)
5.Click Host it
6. Copy the image URL
7.Click Image
8.There's a box in the Image window; paste the URL into that box.

Or, if your computer doesn't copy, try sending it to me at, and either I'll post it myself and say it's yours, or I'll send you the URL and you can retype it!

Good luck!

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